Photos of the Month - August 2017

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Although we LOVE all of our participants at I LOVE DANCE, we select a few to highlight each and every month.

Additionally, we LOVE meeting Celebrities and people whose achievements and creativity qualifies them for special recognition.

We hope you'll check each month to see who we feature -- all deserving a huge round of applause!

BRAVO and THANK YOU to those whom we are delighted to show our extra appreciation...

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August 2017
Performance Photo Of The Month
“Pure Michael”
Alissa Thompson
Memphis, Tennessee
6-8 High Score
Dance Teacher: Stacy Hardin
Pine Bluff Dance Academy
Stacy Hardin, Director

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August 2017
Sweetheart Photo Of The Month
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Makayla Shilts
Dance Teacher: Keri Kramer
Hudson Dance Academy
Keri Kramer, Director

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August 2017
Teacher Photo Of The Month
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Guest Judge, Tammi Gilson with Maureen Gelchion
Astoria Dance Centre
Maureen Gelchion & Tony Corso, Directors

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August 2017
Celebrity Photo Of The Month

Mackenzie Phillips with Kim McKimmie

Kim had the opportunity to hear Mackenzie Phillips give an inspiring and courageous talk. She was candid and engaging in her presentation and read from her new book, Hopeful Healing.

Powell’s books brief bio includes:

Mackenzie Phillips is the daughter of John Phillips and stepdaughter of Michelle Phillips, both lead singers of the 60s band The Mamas and The Papas. She starred as Julie Cooper Horvath on the sitcom One Day at a Time, alongside Valerie Bertinelli. Today, Phillips works at Breathe Life Healing Center in West Hollywood as a substance abuse counselor.

Actress and author of the courageous New York Times bestselling memoir, High on Arrival, Mackenzie Phillips — Hollywood’s go-to person on substance abuse and a visible and outspoken advocate for addiction awareness and education — brings her knowledge and voice on the subject of recovery for the first time, and shares her experiences for those who are trying to overcome addiction.


"This wonderful book will lovingly hold your hand through anything you need to know about recovery and addiction, or really, just getting through life. This is the Mackenzie I know: smart, funny, warm, she has that great 'been there, done that’ attitude and just tells it like it is, without judgment."
Valerie Bertinelli, actress and New York Times bestselling author

"A hellish childhood, a drugged-out young womanhood, and she not only sets herself straight, but spends her middle years helping to doctor other young sufferers to safety."
Norman Lear, Emmy award winning television writer and producer.

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