Photos of the Month - June 2017

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Although we LOVE all of our participants at I LOVE DANCE, we select a few to highlight each and every month.

Additionally, we LOVE meeting Celebrities and people whose achievements and creativity qualifies them for special recognition.

We hope you'll check each month to see who we feature -- all deserving a huge round of applause!

BRAVO and THANK YOU to those whom we are delighted to show our extra appreciation...

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June 2017
Performance Photo Of The Month
“Dancing Fool”
Annasofiha Garcia
Houston, Texas
Overall High Score - 9-11 Age Division
Dance Teacher: Maria T Sanchez
Allegro Ballet School
Maria T Sanchez, Director

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June 2017
Sweetheart Photo Of The Month
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Julie Meeks
Dance Teacher: Sheila Nagel
Dancemania Dance & Acrobatics
Karen Floyd & Sally Currington, Directors

June 2017
Teacher Photo Of The Month
Billings, Montana
Donna Grant
Donna’s Dance Academy
Donna Grant, Director

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June 2017
Celebrity Photo Of The Month

Will Schwalbe with Kim McKimmie

When you go on to Amazon to buy one of Will Schwalbe’s books, you’ll find him introducing himself as follows…

“I’ve put a lot about myself in my books, but here are some of the basics. I was born in New York in 1962; grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts; went to boarding school in New Hampshire, and to college in New Haven, Connecticut. So I consider myself a New Englander, even though I’m not one by birth.

I’ve worked as a journalist, in the television business, and even (briefly, in college) as a substitute teacher. But I’ve spent most of my life in publishing: at William Morrow, and then at Hyperion, where I was Editor in Chief. In January 2008, I left Hyperion to found a startup called and ran that for six years. It’s now part of Macmillan Publishers, where I’ve worked since 2014.

Books have been the constant in my life. From those my mother read me when I was too young to read, to those father read us when we could read but still liked to be read to. From books I read under the covers, long after I was supposed to be asleep—including every single thriller by the magnificent Alistair MacLean—to books that I found in my teens that helped me imagine all different kinds of lives, and see the world through others’ eyes.

I’ve written three books. The first -- SEND: Why People Email So Badly and How to Do it Better – was written with my friend David Shipley. The second, THE END OF YOUR LIFE BOOK CLUB, is about the books I read with my mother when she was dying. And the third is BOOKS FOR LIVING, about the role books can play in our lives and how they can show us how to live each day more fully and with more meaning.”

Kim recently attended a reading by Mr. Schwalbe and found him eloquent and very engaging. His reading was so enjoyable, as is his writing.

Kim is a big fan and recommends his books highly. Books For Living is a treasure for everyone who loves books and loves to hear the answer to the question: “What are you reading?”

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7507 SE Main Street
Portland, OR 97215 USA