Photos of the Month - January 2018

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Although we LOVE all of our participants at I LOVE DANCE, we select a few to highlight each and every month.

Additionally, we LOVE meeting Celebrities and people whose achievements and creativity qualifies them for special recognition.

We hope you'll check each month to see who we feature -- all deserving a huge round of applause!

BRAVO and THANK YOU to those whom we are delighted to show our extra appreciation...

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January 2018
Performance Photo Of The Month
Bottom Row:
Ainsli Buchanan, Berkley Smith, Veronica Ruiz, Zhoe' Calkins, Rylee Standish, Brooklyn Fields, Sophia Calkins
Center Row:
Emma Carroll, Lexie Bernard, Hillary Rideshorse, Ashley Thompson, Maya Bork
Top Row:
Aliya Gaona, Hailey Foote, Christina Brown, Mason Sisko, Jadyn DeTavernier, Kaylee Kaeding, Tasha Rozman
Billings, Montana
Overall High Score - Junior Group
Dance Teacher: Donna Grant
Donna’s Dance Academy
Donna Grant, Director

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January 2018
Sweetheart Photo Of The Month
Louisville, Kentucky
Gracie Strunk
Dance Teacher: Lanell Brennan
Gotta Dance Studio
Lanell Brennan, Director

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January 2018
Teacher Photo Of The Month
Los Angeles, California
ILD Director, Kim McKimmie with Julie Lowry
Just For Kicks Dance
Julie Lowry & Robert Lowry, Directors

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January 2018
Celebrity Photo Of The Month

Elizabeth Rosner with Kim McKimmie

Elizabeth Rosner lives in Berkeley, California, where she is a full-time writer, having been an instructor of creative writing and composition at the college level for more than thirty years. She has traveled extensively throughout the world, including long-term stays in the Philippines, Israel, Australia, Sweden, and Mexico.

She has written three novels, Electric City, Blue Nude and Speed Of Light; all receiving critical acclaim and prestigious prizes. Elizabeth Rosner’s prize-winning short fiction and poetry have been published in numerous literary journals and her book, Gravity, is a poetry collection.

Her first work of nonfiction was published just a couple of months ago and is entitled Survivor Café: the Legacy of Trauma and the Labyrinth of Memory. It blends personal story, interviews, and extensive research on the complex subject of the inter-generational aftermath of war and atrocity. Called “breathtaking” by Pulitzer-prize winner Viet Thanh Nguyen, the book offers a comprehensive and intimate portrait of both individual and collective inheritance of history.

As survivors of many of 20th century’s most monumental events—the Holocaust, Hiroshima, the Killing Fields—begin to pass away, Survivor Café addresses urgent questions: How do we carry those stories forward? How do we, collectively, ensure that the horrors of the past are not forgotten?

Kim met up with her while she was on her book tour in Portland and found her to be so very bright and charming (and such a gifted writer) that her college students were indeed blessed to have her for their Teacher.

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7507 SE Main Street
Portland, OR 97215 USA