Competition Results 2019

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania April 27-28
Overall Highest Scores

Age Division/Award Title Dancer(s) Teacher
3 - 5 High Score "SWEET AND SASSY" Bella Ruffolo Cami Hulin
6 - 8 High Score "MORE!" Haylie King Cami Hulin
9 - 11 High Score "MR. PERSONALITY" Haylie King, Jenna DiNardo Cami Hulin
12 - 14 High Score "I'VE GOT BILLS" Breanna Gibbens Ashley Dimarco
15 - 17 High Score "SHE USED TO BE MINE" Makenna Isles Kevin Garvey
18 & Up High Score "I HAVE NOTHING" Olivia Bebeau, Natalie Cook, McKenzie Schur, Rachel Sisco, Allyssa Frasher, Emma Topolinski, Lily Schuster, Peyton Billingsly, Maddie Topolinski Katherine Gracer
High Score Beginning Group "SHINE" Aiyauna Anderson, Jazlyn Anderson, Myla Hillard, Agelaya Phillips, Ana Nieves Ashley Dimarco
High Score Elementary Group "AWARENESS" Hayley Micco, Olivia Caminiti, Charlotte Currie, Brooke Maslyk, Amber Medved, Giovanna Beacham, Alexis McVay, Olivia Stevens Taryn Kerfoot
High Score Junior Group "GOOSEBUMPS" Sarah Sellman, Luci Carlisle, Anna Snyder, Ava Bailey, Lily Reilly Brooke Jacobs
High Score Senior Group "BELIEVER" Brooklyn Archer, Abigail Molaro, Lydia Hill, Abigail Filiere, Alexia Handy, Anna McGraw Brandi Archer

"FINDING MY WAY" Izzy Carpenter Heather Carpenter

"LE CORSAIRE" Angie Beatty Brooke Jacobs