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Thank you for your LOVE of DANCE! STAY TUNED!
September 1, 2023

We’ve all had a bit of time to reflect upon the fabulous 45th Season of I LOVE DANCE - and what a season it was! I loved every minute of each and every show and cherished being around you all once again. I saw amazing creativity and artistry displayed in city after city. I had a blast!

See a few of our favorite people in the photos above, from 2023.

Our motto since 2020 has been: “We will Rise and Dance again”. Our participating Dance Studios made me so proud as they continued to “rise” and to be resilient throughout periods of restrictions that made teaching dance nearly insurmountable. Your ability to keep instilling the love of dance within your students is absolutely admirable. I was overwhelmed by your support, your friendship and continue to be in awe of your talent.

I am eternally grateful for Show Directors, Karen Lundy and Christine Brandt, who with style and grace, produced all of the shows during the 2021 and 2022 Seasons, while I was pandemically in exile in Australia. Huge appreciation to our Managers and Judging Staff too. Big thanks to our Secretary, Colette Zakel, who kept the I LOVE DANCE office running efficiently during my absence. Thanks to technology, I was able to keep my fingers in the pie from another continent - and was delighted that “the show must go on” adage proved true and our competitions didn’t miss a beat.

I take my hat off to ALL of YOU for keeping the LOVE of DANCE essential in your lives during this time - a time that still remains challenging.

Our competitions have always been hassle-free events - held on a fair playing field - reflecting the love you feel for Dance and for your Dancers. The I LOVE DANCE Family (and YOU and your families too) will persevere getting through these uncertain times that reshape and continue to change every aspect of our lives.

You shall dance through it all.

However, I am taking a hiatus.

Although I do live and breathe all things “DANCE”, many of you also know I have harbored ambition to someday write a novel. Although that day has still not arrived, what has arrived for me is a commission to write a biography for a person. Although it’s a bit confidential, I can say that I have signed a legal contract - so off I go… I’m a WRITER now.

During this hiatus, you may email me at KimMcKimmie@gmail.com

Any of you that may see yourselves Directing I LOVE DANCE in the future - why not?
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7507 SE Main Street
Portland, OR 97215 USA