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Thank you for your LOVE of DANCE! STAY TUNED!
NEWSFLASH from Kim McKimmie:
February 1, 2024

Happy February - the MONTH of LOVE!!

Our motto since 2020 has been: “We will Rise and Dance Again” and we do plan to do so in 2024 for the 46th Season of I LOVE DANCE — and for many more seasons to come.

It will be happening.


Although announcing our 2024 schedule is going to be quite late this year — never fear — we are still alive and kicking!

Rest assured that a very talented person is currently “waiting in the wings” and will indeed “fill my shoes” and be stepping in as the new Director of I LOVE DANCE.

Hint, Hint — This individual has been a very popular ILD Guest Judge for the past 10 years!


Stay tuned for the official exciting announcement to be made public very soon.

I LOVE DANCE Competitions will continue to embody love and respect for professional Dance Educators and Performers of all ability levels in a fun and classy atmosphere.

The legacy and tradition of high standards will definitely continue in the future.

I am positive that some exciting new “twists” will be in store for I LOVE DANCE this year and I can’t wait to announce your new I LOVE DANCE Director!



Much Love,
Kim McKimmie


P.S. When planning your costuming needs this year, I recommend that you contact Stacy’s Costumes and Collectables based in Arkansas but shipping all over the United States. Miss Stacy has thousands and thousands of beautiful and well-made costumes (many from past Sweetheart floorshows) that she is selling at bargain prices and especially discounted for I LOVE DANCE participating Dance Studios. You may call her at: 870-489-0611 or write to her at stacyhar13@gmail.com and let her know your costuming needs.

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