Photos of the Month - January 2020
Although we LOVE all of our participants at I LOVE DANCE, we select a few to highlight each and every month.

Additionally, we LOVE meeting Celebrities and people whose achievements and creativity qualifies them for special recognition.

We hope you'll check each month to see who we feature -- all deserving a huge round of applause!

BRAVO and THANK YOU to those whom we are delighted to show our extra appreciation...
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    January 2020
    Performance Photo Of The Month
    Olivia Chadwick, Rachel Martin, Katelyn Kim
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Best Musicality
    Dance Teacher: Reilly Bedesem
    The Spirit of Dance Studio
    Natalie Baker, Director

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    January 2020
    Sweetheart Photo Of The Month
    Memphis, Tennessee
    Hannah Smith
    Dance Teacher: Brandi Kassa
    Starlight Dance
    Lisa Trout, Director

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    January 2020
    Teacher Photo Of The Month
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Kysha Barnett
    Genesis Dance
    Kysha Barnett & Neteva Krider, Directors

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    January 2020
    Celebrity Photo Of The Month

    Kim McKimmie with Chris Rush

    Chris Rush is an award-winning artist and designer whose work is held in numerous museum collections. The Light Years is his first book and an amazing and disturbing coming of age memoir.

    From the book-jacket:

    “Chris Rush was born into a prosperous, fiercely Roman Catholic New Jersey family. But inside the gleaming mid-century house, with his flawless hostess mother and thriving businessman father, ran unspoken tensions that, amid the upheaval of the late 1960’s, were destined to fracture the precarious facade.

    The summer after his first year at a Catholic boarding school, Chris’s older sister Donna draws him into her orbit, which revolved around the charismatic Valentine, high priest of the new age and entrepreneurial drug dealer. It is Valentine who places the first tab of acid on twelve-year-old Chris’s tongue, proclaiming: “This is a sacrament. You are one of us now.”

    After an unceremonious expulsion from school, Rush heads to Tucson to make a major drug deal and still barely a teenager, disappears into the nascent American counterculture. Stitching together a ragged assemblage of lowlifes, prophets, and fellow wanderers, he seeks kinship in the communes of the West and spends his adolescence looking for knowledge, for the divine, for home. Given what Rush confronts in his travels - from ordinary heartbreak to unimaginable violence - it is a miracle he is still alive.”

    Miss Kim said that Mr. Rush is an absolutely lovely and warm human being that deserves a big round of applause for his writing talent and bravery. He has shown a real act of courage to tell his story and it is so uplifting to see the gracious, intelligent and kind man that was able to emerge from teen years that were atrocious.

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